Installing Artificial Grass: Ask The Experts 

February 19, 2024

Fake grass, or synthetic turf, looks and feels like real grass but needs no maintenance, making it a versatile and creative choice.  

Artificial grass, usually composed of polyethylene or polypropylene, has become increasingly popular because of its appearance, longevity, and environmentally beneficial qualities. Homeowners are increasingly embracing artificial grass, which they previously saw on athletic fields and commercial spaces. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of artificial grass installation. From the initial planning stages to the finishing touches, we’ll provide expert tips for a successful result. 

Benefits of Artificial Grass 

One of the primary reasons for the surge in artificial grass popularity is its numerous benefits. Artificial grass is easy to maintain, making it a great choice for homeowners who want to spend less time and effort on lawn care. Additionally, it saves water and keeps your outdoor area green all year, helping to conserve valuable water resources. 

Choosing the Right Type of Artificial Grass: 

Before starting the installation, it’s important to choose the right artificial grass that suits your needs. Different varieties cater to various purposes, such as landscaping, sports fields, or putting greens. Consider factors such as color, texture, and pile height when making your selection. 

Environmental Impact: 

Artificial grass also has a positive environmental impact. By reducing the need for lawnmowers that emit pollutants and conserving water resources, it contributes to a greener planet. Additionally, some manufacturers have recycling programs for used synthetic turf materials, addressing concerns about recyclability. 

Cost Considerations: 

Artificial grass may appear more expensive than natural grass. However, it actually helps you save money in the long run. This is because it has lower maintenance costs. 

Installing Artificial Grass 

To install artificial grass properly, you should follow some essential steps for excellent results. To make sure you have an accurate understanding of the installation procedure. Here are the steps for installing artificial grass:


Making a detailed plan is essential before beginning any actual work. The plan should provide specific information about the area to be covered and the materials required. 

Successful artificial grass installation requires precise measurements, careful problem assessment, and a well-organized plan. 

Pre-Installation Preparation:

Effective pre-installation preparation is the key to a successful artificial grass project. Start by contacting utility companies to locate underground utilities before digging, ensuring safety during the installation process. Additionally, securing any necessary permits is essential. 

Evaluating the soil quality in your area is another crucial step. Proper drainage is vital to avoid water buildup and potential issues down the line. 

Make Space:

The precise clearing of the assigned area is the second step. With a spade or turf cutter, dig down two inches to remove the old surface. This is reliable whether you are replacing artificial turf that already exists or natural grass.  

If you remove carefully potential barriers as stones and bricks, the new artificial grass surface will grow healthily. 

Set Up the Edges:

Setting up edges is necessary for creating clean lines around your artificial grass space. Using a dependable edging system, like Vert Edges, guarantees stability and a well-groomed look. Drive the edges into the ground with a hammer, leaving about 3 cm exposed.  

This stage enhances the installation’s aesthetic appeal and adds a final touch while also supporting the structural integrity. 

Make Foundation:

Using a vibrating plate compactor to make a solid base for your artificial grass is a good idea. Proper techniques for laying the turf include minimizing seams and securing it thoroughly to prevent any shifting or wrinkling. 

To meet this goal a strong and well-prepared base is essential. Apply granite dust to the surface to a depth of approximately 6 mm, then use a piece of wood to carefully smooth it out.  

If you choose sand as an alternative, make sure it is 20 mm deep and mix with hardcore for a level base. This precaution helps the artificial turf last longer and look better. 

Secure Weed Membrane:

One of the most important steps in stopping the growth of unwanted plants is applying a weed membrane. After covering the prepared area with the membrane, fasten it with four-inch steel nails spaced 0.77 mm apart.  

This keeps the artificial grass healthy by preventing weed growth and aiding water drainage. Trim any overhanging edges, and join overlapping sections of the membrane with adhesive tape for a seamless integration. 

Installing Artificial Grass:

The most significant phase of the installation procedure is unfolding and laying the artificial turf on the prepared surface. Make sure the turf fits perfectly and has a smooth surface by positioning it carefully so as not to disturb the weed membrane.  

This step brings your imagined landscape to life by laying the groundwork for the synthetic grass’s final appearance. 

Infilling materials like rubber or sand can further enhance the performance and durability of your artificial grass surface. 

Natural Appearance:

We add kiln sand to the artificial grass during installation to make it look better and more stable. Distribute 6 to 8 kg of kiln sand evenly per square meter using a stiff brush.  

This process anchors the artificial turf and mimics natural grass texture. The result is a finished surface that blends the utility of artificial landscaping with the beauty of nature. 

Asking the Experts 

Artificial grass in a sidewalk

When you’re about to install artificial grass, asking the experts is vital to a smooth and long-lasting result. Their perspectives include careful selection of materials, exact base preparation, and in-depth place assessments.  

We achieve low maintenance by carefully applying weed membranes, installing edging, and paying attention to details like sand distribution. This ensures a durable and attractive artificial lawn through precise procedures. 

Essentially, professional guidance turns the installation process into a seamless experience characterized by accuracy and long-lasting beauty. 


1. Is artificial grass suitable for all climates? 

Yes, manufacturers design artificial grass to perform well in a variety of climates. It can withstand both hot and cold weather conditions, making it a versatile choice for many regions. 

2. How long does artificial grass last? 

The quality of artificial grass and proper care greatly influence its lifespan. On average, it can last 15-20 years or even longer with proper care. 

3. Can I install artificial grass myself, or do I need professional help? 

Although you can install it yourself, we recommend hiring experts, especially if you lack experience in landscaping. 

4. Is artificial grass safe for pets and children? 

Yes, artificial grass is safe for both pets and children. This material is non-toxic and doesn’t require harmful pesticides or fertilizers. Many pet owners find it easy to clean and maintain. 

5. Does artificial grass get hot in the sun? 

Artificial grass can become warm in direct sunlight, but it doesn’t get as hot as surfaces like concrete or asphalt. You can reduce heat buildup by using materials with built-in cooling technology. 

6. How do I clean and maintain artificial grass? 

Regularly brushing and rinsing your artificial grass will be important to it clean. You can use mild detergent and water for more stubborn stains. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the turf. 

7. What’s the difference between infill options like sand and rubber? 

Sand infill offers stability and helps with drainage, while rubber infill provides a softer feel and shock absorption. The choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. 


In conclusion, adding artificial grass to a home is a revolutionary choice that has many advantages. Expert advice ensures a successful project that enhances any space’s appearance, from start to finish. 

Use US Turf’s professional artificial grass installation services to give your outdoor area an updated appearance. Our experts guarantee accurate place evaluation, careful material selection, and a smooth operation from beginning to end. Elevate your outdoor area by getting in touch with us right now to get a green, low-maintenance lawn. 

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