The Best Artificial Grass for Your Outdoor Space

May 25, 2023

When selecting the ideal artificial grass for your turf project, there are several factors to take into account. Your preferences may revolve around achieving a specific aesthetic for the completed project, or you might prioritize durability to ensure it can withstand heavy foot traffic over time.

It’s important to remember that the best artificial grass for your needs may differ from what suits someone else. Regardless of the purpose, incorporating artificial grass is an upgrade to your outdoor space. In this guide, we will explore key considerations when choosing the perfect artificial grass for your project and provide guidance on navigating the wide range of options available.

Things to consider when buying synthetic grass

There are several things to consider when purchasing artificial grass in San Diego, from the main purpose for your turf install to the kind of budget you’re working with. Here are our top 10 things to consider when planning an artificial turf project:

Things to consider when purchasing artificial grass

What it will be used for

Think about what you’ll be using your artificial turf for, even if it’s going to serve multiple uses. Pet turf will look and feel different than turf used for decorative purposes. Likewise, playground turf will be different from decorative turf as it is geared toward safety. You want a turf that will look good over time no matter the use.

Backyard with an artificial grass putting green


Consider how much foot traffic and wear and tear your turf will need to withstand to look its best. A more durable, kid-safe artificial turf is more appropriate for turf that will serve as a play area. Synthetic turf that won’t get much foot traffic may not need as durable a material as a play area or dog run. 

Backing and Infill

The right backing and infill will help your turf keep its shape, prevent drainage problems, and avoid warping. Your turf installation experts can help you determine the kind of backing and infill that will work best with your project, including odor-resistant varieties for pet use.

Dog laying on artificial grass

Quality and type of grass

Synthetic turf comes in a variety of styles and price points. Budget-friendly options don’t always mean you’re dealing with lower quality turf, but that’s where the experts come in. High-quality turf is well-designed and installed in a way that will prevent problems down the line.


Once you’ve identified the purpose for your turf, you may want to consider how you’d like your turf to look. Synthetic grass comes in a variety of textures, colors and blade lengths. You may want a more realistic-looking grass or a more functional appearance. Aesthetics are up to you!

Beautifully landscaped backyard using artificial turf

Pile Height

Pile height matters if you’re looking to install turf on a playground or sports field. Look for pile heights around the 2-inch range for athletic fields or areas where kids will play. If you’re looking for turf for more day-to-day use, medium pile heights fall around the 1-inch range.

Density and Weight

A high-quality, natural-looking turf will look and feel dense, with a decent weight to it. The higher the density, the softer the feel of your turf. That doesn’t mean you’re always seeking high-density turf, as a medium-density option may be acceptable for some residential uses. 

UV Protection

Those lucky enough to live in sunny Southern California know the power of the sun when it comes to drought conditions and sun damage. If your turf will be exposed to the sun for most of the day, consider artificial grass with built-in UV protection to keep your turf from losing its luster.

Sunny park with synthetic grass


Turf is already an easy to clean, low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. You won’t need to water it, cut it or fertilize it. You will, however, need to do light maintenance to keep your grass looking fresh.

We recommend hosing down, spot cleaning and brushing your blades regularly. Depending on the purpose of your turf, consider whether you’d benefit from weed barriers, special infills or styles that are more resistant to weather conditions, like sunlight.

Artificial Turf Cost

You certainly shouldn’t cut corners when installing artificial turf. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a variety of beautiful options out there, no matter what kind of budget you’re working with. It’s also important to note that, despite artificial turf cost, it will actually save you money over time when it comes to maintenance.

Types of Artificial Grass

There are three main types of artificial grass based on the fibers that make up the turf. What is the best synthetic grass out of those three? The type you choose will depend on what you’re going for with your turf project, including how durable you’d like your artificial grass to be. 

Types of artificial grass

1. Polypropylene

Polypropylene is the most budget-friendly turf material. It retains the look and feel of other turf styles with a more lightweight application. This material is popular for mixed-use landscaping and putting greens, as some golfers like the soft roll you get on polypropylene. However, it can be less durable than other types, so it’s not ideal for heavy use.

2. Nylon

Nylon looks and feels like natural grass and is an option for a durable material that can withstand heavy use. However, it doesn’t react well to high heat and can become damaged in too much direct sunlight. It’s also not as permeable as other turf styles, so the purpose for your turf project definitely matters when choosing a material. Nylon is more expensive than the other turf types.

3. Polyethylene

Polyethylene is the most common turf type you’ll see at US Turf. It’s natural-looking and durable, easy to maintain and soft to the touch.

In sports applications, it offers that bounce you need to prevent serious injuries. For homeowners with pets, it’s easy to manage and keep clean. Polyethylene is popular with turf experts for a reason, as it’s a fantastic all-around choice.

Best artificial grass for every outdoor space

No matter what your needs, US Turf has the best artificial grass for you. Let’s take a look at the best types and styles for every outdoor space. If you’re seeking inspiration to start, see our artificial grass installation projects to get those creative juices flowing.

Best artificial grass for a backyard

Your backyard space deserves a low-maintenance solution that looks good, even resembles natural grass. See our top picks for artificial grass that will beautify your backyard:

  • Premium 82: The plush blades of this polyethylene turf give the surface a padded feel, making it perfect for backyard gatherings.
  • Expert 96: This polyethylene turf resembles a well-manicured lawn in a color palette that keeps your turf looking fresh and natural.
Best artificial grass for a backyard

Best playground turf options for kids

Playground turf has to serve multiple purposes. It should be durable to withstand heavy foot traffic but also safe for littles at play. Here are our top picks:

  • Napa Premium: The long blades of this style look and feel more like the real thing. Made of polyethylene, it’s resilient and will look great across a variety of weather conditions.
  • Premium 72: This classic polyethylene turf is perfect for various applications, including playgrounds with extensive foot traffic. 
Best artificial grass for a playground

Best pet turf for pet owners

The best artificial grass for pets offers good drainage and a high level of durability to look — and smell — good for years to come. Here are our top picks for pet turf that can withstand muddy paws and pet urine:

  • Napa: The stiff blades on this polyethylene style allow for optimal drainage, making pet cleanups a breeze. The medium density of Napa is made to last.
  • Golden Eagle: This is our softest turf, perfect for the more pampered pet. That doesn’t mean it’s not durable. The polyethylene style offers quick drainage holes for easy cleanup.
Best artificial grass for pets

Best artificial grass for putting green

If your turf project’s purpose is to help you improve your putting game, we’ve got you covered with our top picks for artificial turf for putting greens:

  • Eagle Putt: This polypropylene turf is the top choice for golfers seeking a professional golf course feel. Eagle Putt can be installed on a variety of surfaces, including concrete. 
  • Birdie Putt: Budget-friendly Birdie Putt maintains a smooth roll at less cost. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this style is made of polyethylene.
Best artificial grass for a putting green

Best artificial grass for a garden

Mix it up by adding low-maintenance turf to your garden spaces. Our picks here keep resilience in mind, as you don’t want to worry too much about your turf if you’re tending to your garden:

  • Blend 70: This economical polyethylene turf is just as it sounds: a combination of three different synthetic blades. That gives Blend 70 a unique mix of colors in a natural design.
  • Premium 72: We mentioned this classic polyethylene turf is perfect for play areas. It’s also a great option wherever you’re looking to fill turf into your garden design.
Best artificial grass for a garden

Best artificial grass for a front lawn

Don’t ignore the curb appeal potential of a well-landscaped front lawn. Here are our top picks for the best artificial lawn for your front yard:

  • Premium 48: Keep costs low with Premium 48, a natural-looking, polyethylene turf that works best in low-traffic areas. 
  • Premium 74: This classic polyethylene option resembles a well-watered summer grass with the low-maintenance perks of synthetic turf. It’s perfect for low-traffic lawns.
Best artificial grass for front lawns

Best artificial grass for a balcony or rooftop

Green rooftops are a popular way to add color, intrigue and usability to your outside space. Make those spaces low-maintenance with our top picks for balcony or rooftop turf:

  • Premium 56: Install Premium 56 if you’re looking for natural-looking turf in low-traffic areas. This polyethylene turf also comes in at an affordable price.
  • Catalina: This medium-density polyethylene turf offers a porous surface that’s perfect for water runoff that can occur on building rooftops.
Best artificial turf for a balcony or rooftop

Best artificial grass for high-traffic areas

Whether it’s residential artificial turf that will see heavy use from kids, and pets or as a gathering space, the best artificial grass for high traffic areas is durable. See our top picks:

  • Catalina Premium: The taller pile height of this polyethylene turf makes it ideal for high-traffic areas. You’ll want a taller pile for the playground turf and sports facilities.
  • Laguna Premium: Another option with a tall pile height, the tough blades on this polyethylene turf work well in areas that will see heavy use.
Best artificial turf for high traffic areas

Best artificial grass for commercial spaces

The best artificial turf for commercial projects will take your company’s needs into account. Decorative spaces may not need as durable a surface as gathering places. Here are our picks:

  • Expert 108: Firm but vibrant, this polyethylene option will hold up over time. As it’s quite durable, this one works in event spaces, apartment common areas or where employees may gather for outdoor parties.
  • Expert 94: The high pile on this polyethylene turf works well for outdoor spaces made for decorative use. Choose this one to impress visitors at your commercial space.
Best Artificial Turf for Commercial Spaces


When it comes to the best artificial grass for your project, you certainly have options. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the moment, US Turf can help you narrow your choices down to styles that will best suit your needs.

If you’re ready to move forward, request a quote. Our experts at US Turf are here to talk about artificial turf costs and work with you on any project at any budget. We have the turf style you need to create a beautiful outdoor space.

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