Commercial Artificial Grass Installation Process on Concrete

March 18, 2021

Turning a concrete area into a vibrant, green space with commercial artificial grass installation is becoming a popular option for businesses aiming to improve their outdoor or indoor areas. This choice not only enhances the look but also provides practical advantages like easy upkeep and long-lasting durability.

In this post, we’ll walk you through a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to install artificial grass over concrete surfaces. We’ll make sure you know why US Turf is the top choice for this kind of project.

Playground with synthetic grass. Commercial artificial grass installation

Understanding the Basics of Commercial Artificial Grass Installation on Concrete

When planning to install commercial artificial grass, it’s crucial to prepare the concrete surface properly. The base must be clean, smooth, and free from any debris or flaws that could affect the appearance and longevity of the turf. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the concrete to remove all dust, dirt, and oil stains.

Additionally, ensuring that the concrete has adequate drainage is essential. Proper drainage prevents water from pooling beneath the turf, which can lead to issues like mold and mildew.

Choosing the Right Materials

Choosing the right artificial turf and underlay is crucial for the best results in your commercial artificial grass installation. The type of turf you need depends on how you plan to use the space—whether it’s for sports, recreation, or decoration. High-traffic areas require durable turf with shorter blades, while areas for decoration benefit from longer, softer blades that look more like natural grass.

It’s also important to pick the right underlay. The underlay serves as a cushion on top of the hard concrete, providing both comfort and safety, especially in areas meant for sports or play. Additionally, a good underlay supports better drainage, effectively directing water away from the surface.

Steps for Commercial Artificial Grass Installation

  1. Plan Your Space: Measure the area accurately to purchase the correct amount of turf and underlay. This planning phase helps in visualizing the end result and assists in the efficient use of materials.
  2. Prep Your Space: After cleaning the concrete, check for and fill any cracks or holes to create a smooth surface. If drainage is a concern, consider installing a geo-textile membrane or drilling small drainage holes throughout the concrete.

Prepping for commercial artificial grass installation

  1. Install the Underlay: Roll out the underlay across the concrete, cutting it to fit the area perfectly. Use adhesive or double-sided tape to secure the underlay in place, paying special attention to the edges and any seams to ensure they are flat and secure.
  2. Lay the Artificial Turf: Roll out the artificial turf over the underlay. Make sure to align each piece correctly and keep the direction of the grass blades consistent across all sections. Trim the edges to fit the boundaries of your space.
  3. Secure and Finish: Attach the turf to the concrete using a strong adhesive or nails for outdoor installations. Once in place, brush the turf with a stiff broom to lift the blades, giving the turf a lush, natural look.

Commercial Artificial Grass Installation on concrete

Why Choose US Turf for Your Turf Installation?

At US Turf, we know the details of installing artificial grass over concrete. With over 20 years of experience, our team can handle any commercial project, delivering seamless and top-quality installations. From your first consultation to the final setup, our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us stand out.

Artificial turf is more than just a product; it’s a lasting investment in your property. Choosing US Turf for your artificial grass installation means you’re working with industry leaders dedicated to turning your concrete spaces into attractive, functional, and lasting green areas.

Whether you’re updating an existing space or starting a new project, think about the long-term benefits of artificial grass. Reach out to US Turf today to talk about your needs and see how we can realize your vision with the highest standards of professionalism and quality.

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