Sustainable Landscape Design Ideas in San Diego for 2021

February 18, 2021

Sustainable landscape design is a trend that will continue into 2021, as property owners look for new ways to improve the environmental footprints of their homes. In San Diego County and Southern California, coming up with ways to deal with persistent drought conditions is also essential when considering fresh landscaping.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade existing landscaping or create a whole new look using eco-friendly landscaping methods, we have sustainable design ideas for you that are both eye-catching and good for the planet.

Keep Your Surroundings in Mind

In a state contending with persistent drought conditions, it’s smart and green to consider your surrounding landscapes when choosing a design and what you’ll be planting as part of your landscaping project. Drought-tolerant landscaping can involve trees, shrubs, and perennials that are used to a harsher environment and don’t need as much moisture to survive. Consider native plants acclimated to San Diego heat and drought. Bringing in desert landscape features like native soils and fillers or artificial turf rather than a real lawn will be a better fit for the kinds of conditions you’ll be dealing with in San Diego.

Drought tolerant landscaping using synthetic turf

Reduce Water Usage

One of the most important green landscape trends that comes up year after year is around ways to continue reducing water usage. Real lawns require extensive watering during the hotter months to keep them from drying out, a burden on the environment and your wallet.

One of the biggest benefits of artificial turf is that minimal water is needed to keep the turf looking nice and fresh. The only times you’ll need water after installing synthetic turf is to rinse your turf off for cleaning, leading to budget-savings for you over time, as well.

artificial turf in San Diego

Think Smaller

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your real lawn just yet, consider downsizing instead. Replace a section of natural grass with pavers, native plants, or artificial turf. That way, you’ll be adding some new design elements to your landscaping and reducing the amount of water and attention a fresh lawn requires to maintain its appearance.

Think in layers, too. Which elements of your landscaping require the most resources from you? Are there edges of your property that could be replaced with less labor – and water – intensive plantings, rather than that real lawn? Would a patch of synthetic grass for your home be a welcome addition for the kids or pets you have that are making a mess of your natural landscaping? Make efficient use of the space you have that works for you and your lifestyle, and downsize where you can.

Use Available Resources

Eco-friendly landscape design ideas are all about using what’s available locally and reusing materials when possible. Consider recycled materials in your landscape design that are aesthetically pleasing and a way to save money on materials that would otherwise go to waste. Reclaimed wood, locally-sourced stone, and granite for hardscaping, and readily-available soils within your local area are all easy ways to reduce the carbon footprint of a landscaping project.

Think about ways to harvest rainwater, as well, using rain barrels and connected stormwater drains for when the rare storms do come through. You can then use that rainwater to hydrate any plantings you do have, leading to cost-savings on top of the positive environmental impact. Little adjustments like this make a big difference and grow in popularity in San Diego sustainable landscaping projects.

Keep Things Wild

Sometimes the most environmentally-sound landscape design includes leaving things as they are. If you’re working with quite a bit of land at your home, consider leaving some of that land as it is in its natural state.

One landscape design trend that embraces the great outdoors’ beauty is strategically planting wildflowers and native plants that allow your eco-friendly yard to resemble meadows and gardens in the region. It’s not just about having a picture-perfect yard, but how to bring things back to a more natural state that is both easy to manage and visually appealing.

Be a Friend To Nature

If you do enjoy flowering plants, consider varieties friendly to the local wildlife. Plant flowers that will bring in bees, a vulnerable population that could use your help. Or consider blooms that attract hummingbirds, a welcome site in San Diego yards.

When purchasing pesticides or weed-control methods, consider natural varieties or foregoing the use of chemicals at all to control unwanted weeds and pests around your landscaping. The most sustainable pest-control approach is planting things that will attract those pests’ natural insect predators or choosing plant varieties resistant to pests. And if all of the weeds are frustrating, artificial turf is much more weed-resistant than a natural lawn.

If you’re interested in more ideas about how artificial turf can help you create beautiful, environmentally-friendly outdoor spaces or are ready to complete your sustainable landscape design project in San Diego, contact us at US Turf San Diego and get a free estimate.

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