Low-Traffic Vs. High-Traffic Turf (Going Into Durability)

January 24, 2020

Many homeowners are switching over to artificial turf due to the bevy of benefits. One of the prime benefits of artificial grass is that it requires little to no maintenance. Along with this, professional turf installation lasts for many, many years when given the right environment and treatment.

If you are switching over to synthetic grass for your lawn, one of the most important considerations is the amount of traffic you anticipate in the area where you will be installing your turf.  When should you use low-traffic vs. high-traffic turf? Hopefully, this post answers your question about which turf is best for you.

What is Low-Traffic Turf?

Low-traffic turf is a type of artificial grass that’s designed almost exclusively for aesthetic purposes. In terms of beauty, low-traffic turf is definitely the top choice. This artificial grass type looks absolutely perfect and will beautify any outdoor or indoor space.

However, the softness and beauty of low-traffic turf cause it to be less durable. In general, artificial grass will last for many years, but not all types are created equal. In this case, low-traffic grass excels in pure aesthetic but it’s far from being the most durable option. Low-traffic turf can still be walked on, but it’s not recommended for high-traffic areas of your home.

Low-traffic turf is typically used for front lawns and creative applications like wall coverings inside the house.

What is High-Traffic Turf?

On the flip side, high-traffic turf is ideal for areas that see a lot of foot traffic. This type of artificial grass is designed to stand up to most things that come its way, including kids and dogs. If you have kids or pets that love running around, high-traffic turf is highly recommended.



Rest assured, while high-traffic grass is primarily designed for durability and longevity it is still a good-looking option that resembles natural grass. Turf makers are doing their best to improve the materials of high-durability grass constantly. With current technologies, this type of synthetic turf is still not as soft and beautiful as their low-traffic counterparts.

High-traffic grass is durable and will last for many years, provided that it’s cared for properly. It is the most common choice of turf for use in sports such as American football, soccer, and many others. Something to keep in mind about high-traffic turf is that it requires turf infill in most cases.

High-traffic turf is highly recommended for backyards, fitness areas, office floors, and sports fields.

Choose the Turf Type That is Right for You

Foot traffic is a serious consideration that you can’t afford to overlook when choosing artificial turf. It is the easiest way to make sure that you are set with material that is appropriate to your needs and worthy of your investment. If you’re still unsure about which type is right for you, ask a professional at your artificial turf installation company about which turf is right for you today.


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