How to Make Your Artificial Turf Lawn Look More Natural

July 28, 2020

Grandma’s flat, lime-green, back patio or mudroom carpet isn’t anything you want to put on your lawn. You might be surprised, however, at how far artificial turf manufacturers have worked to make your artificial turf lawn look natural. Sophisticated dyes, materials, lawn design, and smart (limited) maintenance all work together to produce a gorgeous, natural-looking lawn. In fact, you’ve probably been on many lawns—both commercial and residential—you didn’t even know were artificial! 


Nearly all homeowners anguish over the natural grass versus artificial turf decision. Review our top five ways to make your turf lawn look more natural to banish that grief once and for all!  


Artificial Turf Options That Mimic Natural Grass

Color and texture choices can make all the difference for homeowners who love the look of natural grass. They go the extra mile to make their artificial turf look natural. 


First, two-toned turf more closely matches the variations in natural grass. Many artificial turf styles involve green tones that fade to brown lower down. Then, selecting turf color that approximates types of natural grass growing in your area—particularly on the lawns nearby—also conveys a more natural feel. This sophisticated dying technique tricks viewers into thinking they are looking at real grass.


The artificial turf material you select, too, can make a big difference. Synthetic lawns are commonly made from polyethylene, polyurethane, and nylon blends. A combination of these materials gives a synthetic lawn different textures that closely mimic the surfaces of natural grass. 


Finally, if you are installing your own turf, make sure the pile of each piece is facing the same direction. There is a natural bend to the blades of artificial grass in each section, and facing them the same way creates a rolling and uniform look rather than a thatched appearance. 


Tips on Making Artificial Turf Look More Natural 

Following the maintenance recommended by your installer helps your lawn keep the hues and textures it came with. 


  • Clean it: Hosing down an artificial lawn rids the blades of small pieces of debris and dust that might accumulate. A little spritz with a hose restores the color quickly. You can also rake larger leaves or pieces of debris that aren’t easily shifted with a hose or broom.
  • Fluff it: Synthetic lawns can be brushed, which also helps clear away dust and dirt accumulation. Brushing the lawn surface also lifts the blades back up, creating a fuller and lusher look to your space. This can restore parts of your lawn that have been flattened by frequent use. Your installer will most likely recommend tools for easy lawn fluffing. 
  • Choose a UV-ray-protected turf: In warmer climates, direct sunlight and high temperatures can prematurely fade your synthetic grass. Choose a lawn that has been treated to prevent sun fade if you live in a sunny area. 
  • Install a weed barrier: A weed barrier is placed below the turf layer to prevent weeds from pushing up underneath the lawn. Weed barriers shouldn’t be used in spots that need drainage, such as pet areas. 
  • Use a power broom:



Landscaping Lends a Natural Appearance

Adding in greenery around your artificial turf can take your yard from average to extraordinary. Flower borders, shrubs, and other greenery create background and structure for your artificial turf. Plus, these smaller spaces allow you to get outside, water some plants, dig in the dirt, and enjoy nature without needing to spend hours mowing and weeding large areas. 


Artificial turf can also be used in locations that are difficult to plant in around your home and yard. These spots can include driveway borders, in between stepping stone pavers, and side lawn areas near a patio or fence. 


Use Your Lawn: It’s Only Natural

Integrate your artificial turf into your life AND your lawn. You might know your lawn is artificial. No one else has to! Set up a kid’s play area, a grill station, patio furniture, and anything else that you want to make your artificial turf look natural.  


If you find yourself looking outside and missing the smell of freshly cut grass (without having to get the mower out yourself), never fear. There is now a product that allows you to spray your artificial grass to imitate the smell of a freshly cut lawn. Who knew?


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