How to Make a Small Backyard Look Bigger

August 28, 2020

No matter the size, your backyard can be the setting for fun family activities and a natural escape. More scientists and doctors are encouraging patients to spend time in nature to support their immunity and overall health. These tips on how to make a small backyard look bigger will get you outside enjoying your yard more often. 


Small Backyard Ideas

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf can help make a small lawn look well-kept, giving your space a nice appearance without all the work of lawn care. Check out the pros and cons of artificial turf to decide if it’s right for you.


Vertical Gardening

Make use of wall space by trying out vertical gardening. Vertical gardening can be used for herbs, vegetables (especially vines like cucumbers), flowers, succulents, and more. Your garden can be set up in the side yard or on the back wall. Tending, pruning, nurturing plants, you will enjoy it much the same way you would a traditional garden, but with much more space available for the rest of the yard. Create your own vertical garden with pallets, pots, or simply wood and nails—then add your plants or seeds and start caring for your garden.


The Right Furniture

Certain furniture takes up more space than others. Big, bulky, solid pieces crowd a yard, making it feel small. Instead, select small bistro sets made of wicker or other light materials that take up less visual space. The small table and chairs will still give you places to sit or eat a grilled meal, but won’t be as expansive as some other patio furniture. 



Multipurpose Furniture

Make benches or footrests do double-duty as storage. Store toys, gardening tools, and equipment when it’s not in use so that it’s not strewn across the yard. An uncluttered space just feels bigger.  



Another thing to consider with furniture is portability. Folding chairs that can be stored away when a game of badminton is at hand opens up your yard. Portability can extend beyond furniture, too. Portable playsets that can be stored in your garage changes your backyard from family-land into a classy backyard bistro. 


Multiple Levels

Multiple levels in your backyard create a 3D look and feel, tricking your brain into thinking there is more room. If you have a raised patio outside your back door, you can use this for the seating area, or even for some container gardening. If not, you can create a raised area for seating, grilling, or container gardening in a corner of the yard. Use wood, hardscape, or whatever other materials fit the theme of your yard.


Year-Round Plants

A dead, brown yard will make your space appear much smaller and less welcoming. Look into what plants might be able to thrive year-round in your area. If you want flowers that won’t survive all year, use pots and planters that you can swap out easily when the seasons change. Many San Diego backyards feature bougainvillea, lantana, and a wide variety of flowering succulents. 


Open Sky

From the lawn at your feet to the stars in the sky, it’s important to consider all angles of your small backyard. If you have trees, gazebos, and string lighting covering up the entire space above your yard, it’s going to feel small and closed in. When you have a small backyard, that’s the last thing you want. So consider leaving the space above your yard open so you can see the sky and the stars. This will create more visual space above your head, opening up the yard and making it feel bigger.


Turf for a Small Backyard

When you consider artificial turf installation for residential properties to help make your small backyard look bigger, the experts at US Turf can help. They have guided many through small backyard ideas that utilize the space in the best way possible, while still having an easy-to-maintain lawn that doesn’t require a lot of time commitment. Call (858) 250-0661 or get in touch to discuss your small backyard with the experts.

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