Which Turf Option is Right for You?

September 25, 2020

Researching the many options and combinations involved with artificial turf selection is the right first step to ensure you’re satisfied long-term with the look of your lawn. The “right” turf color, density, and durability all depends on your aesthetics and how you will use the turf. Pro golfer Phil Mickelson and celebrity Kim Kardashian are not going to pick the same turf, and neither will you and your next-door neighbor.

A professional can help you decide on the right turf for you, but going in prepared keeps your meeting efficient.

Before you even start reviewing artificial turf websites, ask yourself: :

  • What is the primary use of my turf? (Aesthetics, play, team sports, golf, pet use)
  • What is my color preference (darker, lighter, somewhere in between)?
  • Where will the turf go?
  • What size space will I convert to artificial turf?
  • What is my budget?
  • Do I want to finance my turf and installation or pay upfront?

With these questions answered, review the types of artificial turf here.

Golfing & Putting Greens

The backyard putting green never goes out of style. Two US Turf options are:

  • Birdie Putt encourages ball roll performance that makes you feel like you’re on a professional course while still being budget-friendly.
  • Eagle Putt boasts a professional-level ball roll, and can even be installed directly on top of concrete without losing performance.

Artificial turn putting green

Kids & Playtime

When you have kids, you need something that can withstand lots of activity and even a little rough play.

  • Premium 72 is deep-colored, durable, and well-balanced for indoor and outdoor use, including lots of traffic and play.
  • Napa Premium has emerald and beige blades designed for a natural, healthy look. It’s resilient and can withstand a lot of use, including a range of weather conditions.

Playground with artificial turf


With pets, quick-draining turf is key. Your turf must also be able to withstand use from running and playing.

  • Golden Eagle comes with Optimum Flow™ backing that is perfect for pets and quick clean up.
  • Catalina Premium is a little bit taller with tough blades to look like a beautiful lawn. The Optimum Flow™ technology allows for quick drainage, making it great for pets.
  • Napa has Optimum Flow™ technology for permeability, and the slightly stiffer blade structure makes cleaning a breeze.

Dogs on artificial turf

Parties & Gatherings

If you plan on hosting neighborhood gatherings and backyard get-togethers, you value aesthetics. You can get a beautiful, natural-looking turf that is durable as well.

  • Premium 82 looks like a well-groomed lawn. It has a padded feel, making it comfortable for longer use during parties and gatherings.
  • Expert 108 has firm blades that can withstand a lot of extended use. For groups that are gathering on your turf for barbecues and events, this will look and feel great.
  • Expert 94 is a high-quality turf that brings a solid look and feel. If you want to impress, this one is sure to do it.

Kid's backyard birthday party

General Lawn & Landscape

If you just want a good-looking lawn to complete your landscape, but don’t plan on spending much time playing or walking across it, low-traffic turf choices should save you some money.

  • Premium 74 contains a classic look and soft feel that is perfect for low-traffic landscapes.
  • Premium 48 is a perfect, low-traffic turf that adds quality to your yard, while also keeping the cost down.
  • Expert 96 gives your lawn a quality look that resembles a well-maintained landscape.
  • Blend 70 is an economical option with a mix of three, individually-designed blades of grass paired with three distinct colors for a more natural look.

Home with artificial turf

After you have narrowed down the primary use for your artificial turf, a professional at US Turf can guide you through the options for your specific use. They can help you understand the unique benefits and the specific needs of each artificial turf type. By showing you the colors and textures of each, they can help you find the right turf that you’ll be happy with for years to come. Get in touch with the San Diego experts at US Turf today by filling out this contact form.

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