Why Turf Infill Is Crucial for Good-Looking Artificial Grass

March 5, 2019

If you’ve ever played sports on turf, you remember the little rubber turf beads that seemingly followed you for weeks after the activity was over. This is called turf infill, and today, there are several variations available on the market for your home turf. While no one anticipates a level of wear and tear akin to competitive sports on the fake grass your home, turf infill is still a key step in turf installation to protect it for years to come.


Benefits of Turf Infill

Artificial turf is a luxurious addition to your home and is an investment in your property value. To keep it looking fresh and new turf infill cannot be skipped or be left as an afterthought. Learn more about the benefits of turf infill and the varieties available to make your artificial turf a favorite feature in your home.


Maintain the Turf’s Shape

Just like natural grass that can become dull and trampled by foot traffic, artificial turf suffers damage from wear if not maintained. Backyard gatherings and everyday use can cause your new turf installation to look flat in a matter of months without the addition of turf infill. The product helps protect the fake grass from wear, giving the turf stability, and keeping each blade of grass standing upright. This helps the grass look realistic, voluminous, and healthy.


Keep Your Artificial Turf Clean

Plant, cork, silica sand, thermoplastics, and other ingredients can be used in turf today, not just the rubber crumbs that immediately come to mind in commercial applications. Sometimes referred to as next-gen turf, these have become popular in home applications and even for use in sports fields.

Some types of infill products can aid in the absorption and drainage of liquids, including rainwater. This helps the artificial turf appear more like real grass and avoid a soggy pond from forming in your backyard. There’s no standing water when you have a great, drainage-promoting infill product, avoiding pesky insect growth.

Some types of turf infill have antimicrobial properties that are effective in reducing bacteria, algae, and mildew. There are also forms of the product that reduce the ammonia buildup from urine or other pollutants. Especially for pet owners, you’ll want to look for these specialized form of turf infill with odor-reducing properties and those that make cleaning your turf easier.


Protect Turf Backing

The backing of artificial grass is supported by installing turf infill. This key structural feature of the turf can be damaged by UV radiation and by foot traffic. Not only do the blades of grass keep their shape, but the backing maintains its shape and stays in place because of the extra weight. A strong backing helps the turf lay flat and avoids warping. In this way, infill helps to avoid potentially costly repairs to the turf and backing down the line.


Install Turf Infill With US Turf in San Diego

For new turf installation and the maintenance of existing artificial grass in San Diego, consult US Turf. The company specializes in natural-looking, luxurious artificial turf materials. For residential turf installations, especially in drought conditions, we have the expertise to walk you through the best options for turf and infill for your needs.

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