3 Ways You Will Improve Your Game with Artificial Golf Turf

April 15, 2019

Ask experts how you can improve your golf game and they will likely tell you ‘practice, practice, and practice’. The difficult part is trying to find a place to practice consistently. A club membership, booked tee time, or driving range are great options, but they can take up a lot of your time and money.</span

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could practice your golf game in the comfort of your own backyard? This is an incredible and realistic option if you choose to install artificial golf turf in your backyard. Here are some of the ways backyard putting greens and chipping pads can improve your game.

1. Putting

Arguably, the best benefit of having a synthetic putting green at your home is the convenience. Imagine not having to cancel appointments or leave work early just to practice your putts. With an artificial putting green installed in your backyard, you have a realistic golf green to putt on at your own convenience.

Consistency and repetitions are key here because before you can master sloped greens at the course, you must know the basic level putt shot first. If you can make as little as 25% more putts on the first shot instead of taking a second, you can take 4-5 strokes off your game.

2. Chipping

Having putting greens in the backyard or at the office is pretty common nowadays; they’re simple and fun to do, and everyone can participate. Chipping pads, however, are a lot less common for some reason.

For whatever the reason, golfers who take their skills seriously should consider a good chipping area to install in their backyard so they can get more repetitions. These are usually installed by having a chipping pad and putting green about 20 feet apart from each other. The custom putting green can incorporate appropriate holes, slopes, contours, and tiers so the player can have some variety in their practice.

3. Full Swing

Trying to develop this skill is a bit harder to do at home vs. the range; most people don’t have enough land to practice driving in their backyard. However, some people count it out before using their imagination.

Golf, arguably more than any sport, requires the athlete to develop muscle memory in order to improve his or her game. Muscle memory is a proven faster way to learn a new skill, and golf is no exception to that. Developing muscle memory is important in order to get each and every stroke strong and consistent.

The only way to develop muscle memory is through constant and repetitive practice. With artificial grass at your disposal, you’ll have the space to practice your swing as much as you want, even if you’re not actually making contact with the ball.

Design Your Own Green

A good artificial golf green installation will look, feel, and react like a real course. What’s even better is that you can customize your artificial grass turf to fit your play preferences. There’s no need to mow or grow your grass, and you have the freedom to choose the shape or terrain fluctuations of the turf. You can even add a water feature or sand traps to make it challenging. A custom-designed putting turf will enable you to improve your game overall.

Green Installations Will Elevate Your Golf Game

Being able to practice in your own backyard is a great option to help the everyday golfer go from average joe to ultimate pro! Installing your own turf means you can create a customized experience that allows you the consistent opportunity to practice everything you’d ever want to. Long gone are the days of having to travel far and wide to practice the game you love. Now you can do it from the place you love–your own home.

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