5 Ways Artificial Grass Can Be Used

June 24, 2021

Artificial turf has become a popular option for homeowners looking for low-maintenance solutions to their green spaces. The commercial sector has been paying attention too, especially in drought-prone cities like San Diego.

Let’s take a look at commercial artificial grass installation in San Diego and how to incorporate synthetic turf into your non-residential spaces. You’ll find that an artificial lawn can be used almost anywhere that you’d consider using real grass. In fact, a synthetic lawn is often the better option.

Golf Courses & Putting Greens

Maintaining natural greens on a golf course can get expensive. Synthetic golf turf has become an option in new golf course development and the redevelopment of courses where it would make sense to replace some aspects of a course with artificial turf.

Artificial turf has become even more popular in practice facilities that see more action and club swings, as it’s more durable than natural grass applications.

Indoor putting greens using synthetic turf have also become a popular addition to spaces outside of traditional golf courses.

Apart from golf enthusiasts looking to install putting greens at their homes, adding a break area that includes an activity like a putting, even chipping area can be a good morale boost at a company looking for ways to engage employees in their off time.

Artificial turf putting green in San Diego

Dog Parks & Pet-Friendly Areas

Artificial grass for dogs is an excellent option for pet-friendly areas like dog parks, dog runs, boarding facilities, and pet relief areas.

Depending on the type of turf installed, added deodorizers can support some odor control in areas used for pet relief. On top of that, artificial turf is easier to clean than real grass, keeping things bacteria-free.

Properly installed turf with the right kind of infill and drainage is germ-resistant, an important pro when dealing with pet waste. Just hose down any areas that need cleaning following heavy pet use, and that area is ready for another round of puppy play.

Playgrounds & Outdoor Recreation Spaces

Incorporating artificial turf into playgrounds and mixed-use recreational spaces has become a good way to introduce a more durable surface for heavy use. The added cushion of artificial playground turf gives some extra protection in spaces where falls are inevitable.

As artificial turf is more resistant to wear and tear, it has become a popular option for sports fields.

Soccer and football stadiums are particularly amenable to using artificial turf on their fields, especially in parts of the country where extensive water use needed for natural grass turf can get expensive. In San Diego, it has become increasingly important and environmentally responsible to create ways to boost water efficiency. Artificial turf is a way to do just that.

On a smaller scale, hobbyists using public spaces for outdoor games like bocce or croquet like the consistency of artificial turf, as you can more easily control the quality of synthetic surfaces over natural lawns.

US Turf installed playground and soccer field in San Diego

Outdoor & Indoor Event Spaces

Outdoor spaces that see a lot of foot traffic have looked to artificial turf to create beautiful, well-designed areas to congregate. Wedding venues, wineries, and outdoor meeting spaces have incorporated synthetic turf in areas affected by seasonal changes.

Artificial turf is helpful when that outdoor wedding sees some rain, for example, as you’ll have no mud to deal with once the storm clouds move on.

Some event spaces even use artificial turf to bring the outside in, with unique turf installations that bring intrigue to an area in a cost-effective way. Think bolder with accent walls covered in artificial turf that breathes life into a room or indoor landscaping that creates an effect that feels anything but ordinary.

Artificial turf is a lower-maintenance way of ensuring that those indoor spaces don’t lose their luster due to sun or watering requirements, as well, something you need to consider if working with live plants and natural grass.

Outdoor wedding venue with artificial grass at La Valencia hotel in La Jolla, CA

Landscaping & Unique Green Spaces

Artificial turf has become a go-to for many companies overhauling their landscaping.

Installing synthetic grass for your office building as a landscaping solution will cut costs overall when compared to real grass. You don’t have to worry about regular maintenance and water usage fees to keep those spaces looking vibrant.

Turf in your commercial building can be used in a more unique way, too, outside of traditional landscaping at your office or as a way to dress up the exterior of a business, like a hotel.

Some companies are thinking outside the box with green rooftops, for example, particularly popular in California as they’re both aesthetically pleasing and offer another option for an insulated surface.

US Turf installed commercial artificial turf on an office building

Commercial Artificial Grass Installation in San Diego

As you can see, there are so many new and interesting ways to incorporate artificial turf into a commercial space. Wherever natural lawns are used, artificial turf is likely a viable alternative. If you’re dealing with a hard surface already, you may even be able to install synthetic turf right on top of that surface.

That’s just where the experts come in.

Are you considering artificial turf for your San Diego business? Whether you’re looking for durability on a sports field or to boost the landscaping outside of your place of business, there is a synthetic lawn solution out there for you that will look and feel just right for your space.

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